Date: 2011-07-27 01:09 pm (UTC)
yukinoomoni: (Suki)
From: [personal profile] yukinoomoni
Sokka and Aang ;.;. They are such partners in angst this episode, it is so saaaad. They both have wonderful reasons, but still - still! My heart~

Also, yay Suki! It's pretty easy to notice that I'm a huge Suki fan - I always have been, ever since her first ep - and seeing her again is such an awesome thing. The rumour mill stated that she was only supposed to be a one-episode character, which is why it's so neat to see her again - but also heartbreaking, considering the circumstances.

Now, here's the thing about Suki and Sokka in this episode: Suki has had a great deal of time to think about Sokka, especially since she spent several months on the road with her women. However, unlike Suki, Sokka has used the time not only to temporarily put thoughts of Suki aside, but also to become infatuated - and heartbroken - by Yue. Therefore, Sokka has got to have not only sadness, but maybe a little guilt, as well as grief, warring inside of him.

This is why I love Suki so much in this episode: she flirts with him, snarks at him, is romantic with him, but also knows when to read him and back off - or come close - if she needs to. You KNOW that if Sokka decides to dump her she'll get over it, which gives her a strength that isn't really found in animation for kids nowadays. Luckily, Sokka recognises the awesome in Suki before she has a chance to leave his life forever, which is always nice, but yeah. It really could have gone either way, don't you think?

Also, Aang. AANG. After his breakdown, it's really understandable that he just wants to lock himself away and pretend like everything is good and nothing is wrong. Katara, bless her heart, tries so hard to get him to accept that he is sad, but Aang won't have it - at least, not until Baby shows up and presents everyone with its newborn poison =P.

I really do think it says something about Aang, though. He realised that not only did he let his grief rule him, but that it can also be extremely dangerous. However, while I understand him, I still don't think that smothering his own feelings was the right thing to do - even though he really only did it to try and be better, you know? Ah, poor wee Aang ;.;.

Date: 2011-08-29 02:21 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hearthesea
It was great to see Suki back, but it was also interesting to see the return of Jet. I don't particularly like him on a personal level, but as a character I think he's quite a good addition to the show -- it was actually his introductory episode in season one that got me more interested in the series as a whole. Like most other things in the series, he has more than one dimension to him -- he's a mix of slyness, charisma and fanaticism, and while he can be merciless to his enemies, he does seem to care about his crew, and his hatred of the Fire Nation is understandable, even though his methods are bad.

He draws a parallel between himself and Zuko, and I think that's fitting -- both have been emotionally scarred from a young age, although in Zuko's case it's also physical. They're also both people who believe in taking life into their own hands and toppling anyone in their way. (Although Zuko is starting to change at this point.) One point where Jet differs is that he's usually very good at understanding how to win people over. He had Katara falling head over heels for him within seconds, Aang was happily doing his bidding, and only Sokka refused to be conquered. In this episode Jet does the same thing -- he gets the notoriously introverted Zuko to actually speak to him and even help him. Then he only watches Iroh for a moment, picks up on Iroh's comment about being a different man in the past, and instantly gives them the 'turning over a new leaf' speech. Iroh the constant idealist seems to appreciate this, and it also serves to give Jet some insight into Iroh's opinion on Zuko, the one he's truly interested in. You then see Jet approaching Zuko, and he knows he has to try a different tactic here -- he tries to bond through the 'mutual outcast' angle, and while Zuko is silent, he's not walling him out, either. Jet's pretty good at this game...


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